Types Of Notary Services

Getting the documents certified is very important. It is extremely important to get the documents duly signed by the service providers for the administrative purpose. There is a list of services that fall under the category of the notary services Albert park services. Some of the popular types of services falling under this category are as follows:

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  1. Acknowledgments

The acknowledgement means the certification or assurance that the person who has signed the document is actually the one who has done it. The acknowledgement is used for certain important documents especially those dealing with the property and assets like the deed of trust or the mortgages.  When the acknowledgement is being carried out the signer has to actually appear in order to ensure that the sign is actually his.

  1. Jurats

It is very important to confirm that the document is true and has no problem of authenticity with it. It is also known with the names verification or affidavit. In some parts of the world it is also called oath. The signer in this case will appear before you, sign the document and then take an oath pronouncing that he has certified the documents that are fully correct. The other option is affirmation. It is upto the signer that which option he chooses.

  1. Oaths or Affirmations

It is the oral administration of the oath instead of submitting the written affirmation. It is a source of ensuring the truthfulness of the client. The words uttered by him are considered as a source of justification and confirming the truth. The oath is administered by keeping in mind the Supreme Creator. It is also subject to the desire or personal wish of the signer.

  1. Certification of copied documents

Sometimes the documents that are needed by some organization or office have to be copied. The copied documents require attestation. It certifies that the copied version of the documents provided by the document owner is not fake or manipulated. The certification has to be provided by designated officials. The personal signing the copies has to be sure that the document holder provides the original documents along with in order to sign the copy. The stamp of the official is placed underneath the signature to give a clear picture that that has done the signing and in which capacity.

  1. Signature Witnessing

It is part of the job of certain designated notaries. The person signing the document appears before the concerned authorities to prove that the signature is actually his.